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This Course Option includes 

  • Full access to all step-by-step videos, lessons, and quizzes
  • Access to recorded Live sessions for insights and discussions (Please note: This version does not include the ability to comment or ask questions during Live sessions)
  • A Course Certificate

Explore every aspect of heeling, from foundational skills to competition routines, in my comprehensive 5-week course that starts on August 6th, 2024:

Week 1: The Basics of Heeling (Live August 6th at 9pm)
Week 2: Breaking Free from Luring (Live August 13th at 9pm)
Week 3: Perfecting Turns, Halts, and Pace Variations (Live August 20th at 9pm)
Week 4: Handling Distractions & Prepping for Competitions (Live August 27th at 9pm)
Week 5: Wrapping Up with Your Questions Answered (Live September 4th at 9pm)

Note: All Live session times are displayed in CET (Central European Time).

For those who purchase the course without the Live option, you'll still have access to the recorded Live sessions. While you won't be able to ask questions and receive personalized answers during the sessions, you can watch the discussions and benefit from the insights shared.