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Hello Heeling

This is a heeling course tailored just for you whether you are a novice or aiming for the championships. Your experience, dog's breed or training level doesn't matter.
What count is your desire to learn!

On this five weeks  Online course I'll teach you everything I know about heeling. 

Join our weekly live sessions, ask me questions and get personalized tips.
Wanna also seize the opportunity for exclusive One-one-One coaching?
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Discover how to start training with young dogs and transition from food to toy rewards seamlessly while maintaining perfect position and rhythm. Learn also how to move forward with dogs who prefer food over toys.

Unlock the secrets to achieving beautiful heeling without visible rewards and mastering quick, effective turns even in distracting environments.

Learn the art of giving constructive feedback to strengthen your dog's focus and bond, preparing both of you for flawless performances in both training and competition.

Explore every aspect of heeling, from foundational skills to competition routines, in my comprehensive 5-week course that starts on August 6th, 2024:

Week 1: The Basics of Heeling  (Live August 6th at 9pm)
Week 2: Breaking Free from Luring (Live August 13th at 9pm)
Week 3: Perfecting Turns, Halts, and Pace Variations (Live August 20th at 9pm)
Week 4: Handling Distractions & Prepping for Competitions (Live August 27th at 9pm)
Week 5: Wrapping Up with Your Questions Answered (Live September 4th at 9pm)

Note: All Live session times are displayed in CET (Central European Time).

For those who purchase the course without the Live option, you'll still have access to the recorded Live sessions. While you won't be able to ask questions and receive personalized answers during the sessions, you can watch the discussions and benefit from the insights shared.


Access to all course materials to master the art of heeling, excluding the Live chat option and the Questions & Answers feature.
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Gain full course access plus weekly live chats with me: Get personalized answers to your questions!
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+ One-on-One

Experience the full course access, live sessions, and two private One-on-One Coaching sessions. Submit your dog's videos for personalized feedback and tailored advice during 30-minute video calls.
Price: $399 (375‚ā¨)

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I'm Mia.

In addition to being a World Champion competitor in the thrilling world of IGP sport, I'm also the author of "Let's Speak Dog" book and a passionate advocate for the magical bond between humans and dogs.

As a global seminar speaker, dog lover, and enthusiast of dog sports, I've dedicated my life to understanding and enhancing the connection between dogs and their humans.

I'm also a proud Malinois breeder, nurturing the next generation of incredible working dogs. My kennel name, Parendo Vinces, derives from Latin and carries a powerful meaning: "You'll win by obedience". This choice reflects my belief in the importance of obedience and why it often defines the winners.

But most importantly, I'm here for you as your online coach. Whether your dream is to stand in the winner's circle, earn titles with your dog, or simply deepen your bond, I'm inspired to helping you achieve your goals.

Let's embark on this journey together and unleash the full potential of you and your dog!

My book


Let's speak Dog will make you a better dog trainer while teaching you how to communicate with your dog on an emotional level. The book introduces the Inspire Ur Dog method, developed by a world champion and is based on robust evidence and research results. The different praise voices, body control techniques and methods borrowed from the theatre described in the book will give you the tools for creating a totally new connection with your dog